Filter Replacement Cartridge 3pk


Filter replacement for jugs, Auaport TTX water coolers, and Aquaport filter bottle. Filters reduce chlorine, bad taste & odour and heavy metals - lead & copper.

  • Pack of 3 replacement filter cartridges
  • Granule Activated Carbon and Ion Exchange Resin Compostion
  • Reduces Chlorine, Taste & Odour
  • Reduces heavy metals such as lead and copper
  • Filter life 2-3 months (150L filtered water - 10x 15L spring water bottles or 250x 600ml bottles)
  • Compatible with all Aquaport FilTTX products

Box Dimensions W,D,H: 120x190x65mm
Box Weight: 450 grams
Unit Weight: 3 * 100 grams
Performance: 150L per cartridge